DNA Screening & Reporting

A range of genetic tests to screen your DNA for overall health & wellness, disease and disorder risks.

DNA Screening & Reporting

Genetic screening uses genomics technologies to detect known genetic variations, or genetic markers, in your DNA. These markers are associated with diseases or disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, cancers and even developmental disorders.

Beyond diseases, genetic screening is also able to identify traits that may affect health, wellness and fitness. These include traits that are associated with metabolism of nutrients, anti-ageing, cellular detoxification, antioxidative capacity, and diet and weight management.

In addition, genetic markers may also indicate your risks for adverse reactions towards certain types of medications.

Discover your genetic risks for diseases early

Genetic screening can detect possible risks for many genetic diseases before symptoms appear. Based on the detailed results, you can work closely with your doctor to develop a suitable health management plan to mitigate or delay the possible onset of disease through preventive actions.

Know how your DNA affects your reaction towards medications

Through genetic screening, your doctor can better understand how your body may react towards certain types of medications. Variations in DNA may play a part in how well a certain type of medication works in your body.

The information from your report may help your doctor to prescribe the type and dosage of medication that best suits your genetic profile.